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Japanese Zen culture and Bushido spirit ...
These were cultivated in the traditional Japanese building “Kominka”

Nice to meet you, we are Nakagawa Juken Co., Ltd., operating “Kominka Bank”.
We have been engaged in the real estate business in Kyoto, Japan for over 30 years, focusing on buying and selling of Kominka (Click here for details on Kominka).
New buildings and condominiums are being built in modern Japanese residential market, and Kominka with good old Japanese traditional architecture are being demolished. In addition, there are many antique items in Kominka that are being disposed of and disappearing. We believe that it is our mission to send Kominka and antiques made by traditional Japanese techniques overseas, deliver them to those who will appreciate, use with care, and pass on to the next generation.
There are almost no companies in Japan that continues to be in the business of relocating Kominka overseas. This is because of its high level of expertise and the wide variety of knowledge required. We are one of the few companies that can provide specialized support necessary for overseas relocation such as English communication, export, network of Japanese traditional building carpenters, legal check etc., through our own know-how and specialized knowledge as well as collaboration with other companies with skills.

Company info

Company name Nakagawa Jyuken Corporation
Representative NMr. Katsuyuki Nakagawa
(Representative Director)
Address 8-24, Chihara 2 chome, Chiyogawa, Kameoka City, Kyoto Japan, 621-0052
FAX +81-771-25-7474
Founded May 1990
Capital JPY 10 Million
Licence No Real estate business: Kyoto prefecture governor (7) 9320
General civil engineering construction: Kyoto prefecture governor (23) 30455
Business field General real estate businessPurchase and Renovation of KominkaRental of Kominka



8-24, Chihara 2 chome, Chiyogawa, Kameoka City, Kyoto Japan, 621-0052



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