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What Japanese “KOMINKA”?

Kominka are old wooden traditional houses built approximately 100 years ago in a traditional Japanese architectural style using timeless building techniques and natural materials.
The method of wood joinery structure of the central pillar and the thick beams does not use nails; instead the joints are crafted to naturally fit or “join” together naturally with craftsmanship designed to withstand the passage of time for hundreds of years if it is well-maintained.
Kominka recreates various traditional lifestyles from more than 100 years ago, with such structures as farmhouses, samurai residences, merchants’ homes, and residences of wealthy families.

Until recently, many Kominka were dismantled since they were vacant dwellings and new houses were built. However, of late the increasing recognition and appreciation of Japanese historical and architectural heritage have inspired a new awareness of its rarity and an interest in preserving this unique architectural style of house that reflects Japan’s rich past.
Recently Kominka are becoming popular and attracting interest in renovating traditional architectural Kominka since they offer the opportunity to enjoy a country lifestyle like the “good old days.”
Our Kominka offer comfortable living by seamlessly integrating modern appliances in the kitchen and bathroom by home improvements while keeping the traditional structure and the scenic views.
Renovation can also prolong the life of the house and enhance existing structural safety.

Unique Feature

First Unique Feature
Traditional Exterior

A Kominka is a wooden traditional architectural structure built more than 100 years ago.

Second Unique Feature
Japanese Tatami Room

The use of tatami provides a feeling of being surrounded by traditional atmosphere of Japanese culture.

Third Unique Feature
"Hari" -Wooden Beam

The ceiling of a 100-year old Kominka has a large, thick “hari” in the ceiling. They create a splendid appearance and atmosphere in Japanese architecture

Fourth Unique Feature
Elegant Rooms

The elegant simplicity of rooms in a Kominka engage people's hearts and minds.